White Papers

Bringing Order to Project Teams

This paper discusses the importance of establishing the norms  (project team charter) at the beginning of a project. It outlines a methodology to create and maintain the norms over the project.

Project Leadership Team

This paper focuses on the value of a Leadership team (also called a Governance Board or Steering Committee) in a multi-company project. It recommends team participation and cites success stories of previous Leadership teams.

Project Management Online

This paper discusses the current state of online courses and the need for live online content to compete. It discusses the unique requirements for project management training and ways to achieve excellence in delivery of  Project Management Online.

Bringing Order to Project Teams (pdf)


Project Leadership Team (pdf)


Project Management Online (pdf)


Project to Operations Transition

This paper discusses the importance of treating the hand-off from project to operations as a transition. It discusses the benefits to supplier and user of working in a collaborative style during the transition. 

Character & Balance in Projects

This paper identifies positive and negative character traits commonly seen in project teams and means for mitigating and blending them to optimize results. It describes the role of the project manager in maintaining balance within the project.

Project Based Improvement

This paper describes a collaborative improvement process involving the customer and equipment supplier. It uses a combination of goal specific improvement teams to make double digit improvements in Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Project to Operations Transition (pdf)


Character & Balance in Projects (pdf)


Project Based Improvement Process (pdf)