Team Implementers
Multi-company Management Solutions
White Papers
This page lists a series of white papers written to explain the philosophy and concepts of Multi-company Project Management.  Simply click on highlighted title to download the desired PDF file. The complete book titled "Multi-company Project Management: Maximizing Business Results through Strategic Collaboration" is available at the following link:
 Leadership Team
This paper discusses the need and advantages of leadership teams in a multi-company environment. It recommends a generic list of participants and cites success stories of previous leadership teams. (Length 3 pages)

Team Norms

This paper discusses the importance of establishing team norms at the beginning of a project and outlines a methodology to use for achieving concensus in team norms. (Length 2 pages)
Project To Manufacturing Linkage
This paper outlines the benefits to both the customer and supplier in viewing the closure and hand-off of a project to the customer as a transition period rather than a set point in time. By collaborating during the transition period both parties experience significant improvements in their respective effectiveness and on going relationships. (Length 2 pages)
Strategic Customer Supplier Team Benefits
This paper details the benefits realized by both customer and supplier in a joint team process. It includes data accumulated over 10 years on joint teams and other resource materials to support the list of advantages. (Length 5 pages) 

Applying Multi-Company Project Management to Operations

This paper describes a multi-company project management process applied to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in an operations environment. It incorporates team and project management principles with Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma DMAIC methodologies to achieve double digit improvements in OEE. (Length 3 pages)
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